Geely-Wallan Honors Saudi Asian Games Champions with New Starray Cars


Riyadh, November 2, 2023 – Geely Holding Group is the FIRST Prestige Official Partner of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou. To celebrate the triumphant performance of Saudi athletes at the recent Asian Games, Geely-Wallan announces that the company will be gifting two of its new Starray line to the gold medallists, recognizing their hard work, dedication, and unparalleled representation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the Asian sports stage.

The first winner is Saudi runner Yousef Masrahi, who clinched Saudi Arabia’s first gold medal at the 19th Asian Games in China, securing the top spot in the men’s 400m race with a time of 45.55 seconds. His stellar performance in the race embodied resilience, speed, and the Saudi spirit of pushing boundaries.

The other winner to be honored is Saudi runner Essa Kzwani, who secured the gold medal in the 800-meter race at the 19th Asian Games in China, finishing in first place at 1:48:05 minutes. His journey on the track has been an inspiration source, reminding us of the potential within when hard work meets passion

“The extraordinary feats achieved by our athletes at the Asian Games resonate with Geely-Wallan’s ethos of excellence, commitment, and progress,” expressed Geely-Wallan Managing Director, Mr. Mshary Saud Alotaibi. “By gifting these cars, we wish to congratulate them and emphasize our pride in their achievements. They have raised the Saudi flag high and reignited a flame of passion and pride in every Saudi heart.”

This gesture by Geely-Wallan surpasses a mere gift; it stands as an emblem of national pride, an acknowledgment of outstanding achievement, and underscores the company’s dedication to championing and supporting the immense talent in Saudi Arabia.


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