How an electric car works

Driving experience

Driving experience of pure electric vehicles is good. Compared with fuel vehicles, pure electric vehicles have no setbacks in driving performance caused by shifting gears. At the same time, the motor responds quickly and has a large torque at low speed. It starts faster than many gas cars. It is stable and has many advantages that traditional fuel vehicles cannot match in terms of driving performance.

Simple structure and easy maintenance

Comparing the chassis and powertrain of electric vehicles with traditional vehicles, you will find that the structure of electric vehicles is so simple. Electric vehicles no longer need complex transmission mechanisms and exhaust systems that take up a lot of space, so maintenance is much more convenient, and the space has also been greatly expanded. Electric vehicles are driven by electric motors and batteries, without the need for cumbersome maintenance items such as replacing engine oil, filter elements, and belts. Electric vehicles only require regular inspections of components such as the motor, battery.


Geometry C can keep the battery at a constant temperature and improve battery life in extreme environments.

Advantages of EV


The use of electric vehicles is low in cost and high in energy conversion efficiency. At the same time, energy during braking and downhill can be recovered to improve energy utilization efficiency. At night, the cheap electricity of the power grid is used for charging. In the congested urban environment, the energy-saving advantages of electric vehicles will be further amplified.

Low noise:

The electric motor operates at a much lower noise and vibration level than a conventional internal combustion engine. At idle and low speeds, electric vehicles are far more comfortable than conventional vehicles. As vehicle speed increases, tire noise and wind noise become the dominant noise sources. This characteristic of electric vehicles is undoubtedly of great help in improving the NVH performance of the vehicle.


Electric vehicles use power batteries and motors to drive power. When they work, they will not produce exhaust gas and exhaust pollution. It is very beneficial to environmental protection and air cleanliness. It can be said that it is almost zero pollution.

Energy recovery:

Step on the brakes, when the car is decelerating, the energy of the vehicle will return to the battery pack, thereby reducing energy waste and improving drive range.



Design is concerned with the concept of “Intelligent, humane driving”.


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