Geely Wallan Unveils the Geely Geometry C: Redefining Green Mobility in Saudi Arabia


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – September 3rd, 2023 – Geely Wallan proudly introduces the Geely Geometry C, an innovative “Electric Vehicle” (EV) poised to reshape sustainable transportation in Saudi Arabia.


The Geely Geometry C represents a forward-looking design, cutting-edge technology with unparalleled safety features. This exceptional EV merges an industry-leading electric drivetrain with a sophisticated “Advanced Driver Assistance System” (ADAS), promising Saudi drivers an exhilarating and eco-conscious driving experience.


From its dynamic fastback silhouette to its meticulously crafted details, the Geely Geometry C embodies a harmonious fusion of modern aesthetics and eco-responsibility. The Nordic-inspired design is elegant in every facet, showcasing an illuminated Geely badge, a panoramic “Daytime Running Light” (DRL) strip, and a sleek floating roof. The cabin, adorned in a warm light brown interior, features ambient lighting and a floating infotainment screen that exudes spaciousness and sophistication.


Beneath its sleek exterior, the Geely Geometry C boasts a high-density 55-72kWh battery pack capable of delivering an impressive 485km (WLTP) range. The advanced ONEBOX energy recovery system ensures efficient regenerative braking without compromising passenger comfort. At the same time, the electric motor generates a robust 150kW power and 310Nm torque, promising dynamic performance whilst minimizing environmental impact.


“The Geometry C is Geely’s offering to a new way of life in Saudi Arabia. It will change the conventional ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) car experience by providing a smoother, more comfortable driving experience,” said Abdulaziz Saad Al Wallan, Vice Chairman of the Board for Wallan Group. “The Geometry C is an electric vehicle aimed at all customers and is a testament to Geely’s commitment in providing environmentally conscious vehicles that are stylish, safe and convenient.”

Mr Saad Al-Wallan added, “The launch of the Geometry C showcases just one of the initiatives by Wallan Group towards going Net Zero as per the Saudi Green Initiative outlined in Vision 2030.”


The Geely Geometry C extends its commitment to comfort and safety with various conveniences such as front-row ventilation, a head-up display, a 360° panoramic view, and an advanced ION air purification system. Its CN 95 aircon filter guarantees superior air quality within the cabin. The premium BOSE audio system enhances the driving experience, while low VOC adhesive ensures an odourless interior, setting new standards for cabin purity.


Safety and convenience take centre stage in the Geely Geometry C’s design. The L2 ADAS system integrates Intelligent Cruise Assist for seamless stop-and-start functionality and adaptive cruise control. The vehicle is fortified with essential safety features, including Autonomous Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Detection, Lane Keeping Assistance, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, ensuring the utmost protection for occupants.


The launch of the Geely Geometry C heralds a new era of sustainable mobility in Saudi Arabia, aligning seamlessly with the nation’s vision for a greener future. Geely Wallan’s dedication to innovation, safety, and environmental responsibility shines through in every aspect of the Geometry C, showcasing a commitment to shaping a better tomorrow.


About Geely Wallan:

Geely Wallan is the exclusive distributor of Geely vehicles in Saudi Arabia, offering a range of top-quality cars and outstanding customer service. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Geely Wallan is committed to providing its customers with the best driving experience.



The information in this press release is accurate as of the release date. Specifications and features may be subject to change as part of Geely Wallan’s commitment to improvement and innovation.

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