Leishen Power – Information about Geely’s New Powertrain Technology Brand


On October 31st, Geely officially launched its brand-new powertrain technology brand, Leishen Power. Geely Leishen Power is positioned as a global high-end, based on the global market. Leishen is a symbol of super powers, and the source of power of life on earth. “Leishen Power” initiates the era of Geely Powertrain 4.0 and fully enters the electrification of powertrain technology. We will be committed to “providing the world’s leading high-efficiency and intelligent powertrain solutions, and realizing China’s powertrain supply to the world!”

Leishen Power’s Portfolio

Leishen Power’s current portfolio covers next generation electric drive units, hybrid systems, and high efficient transmissions, as well as engines

The BHE20 and BHE15 series of engines are in the world’s leading top 10 propulsion architectures with high versatility delivering strong performance and leading fuel economy.

Based on the world leading 7DCT platform,we have now launched the 7DCT EVO with further improved torque, efficiency, weight and performance.

Our intelligent hybrid system, which is our key focus today includes dedicated hybrid engines such as DHE20 and DHE15 and dedicated hybrid transmissions such as DHT Pro and DHT . We also offer the overall E-system covering the full scope of FHEV, PHEV and REEV applications.

Our EDU- electric drive unit follows a modular design concept which was developed using high end and global safety standards. Consequently, we can offer customized products and engineering solutions, providing high efficiency and reliability for usage on hybrids, electric only, commercial and performance vehicles for both 800V and 400V platforms.

Hi-X, the World-class Modular Intelligent Hybrid System

At léi shén dòng lì, we strive to provide a dedicated hybrid experience. We achieve this through innovative customer oriented thinking, advanced technology, innovation, consistent but also agile R&D processes in order to not just have a fuel efficient product but to deliver an efficient product that also provides performance,intelligence and comfort for the best customer satisfaction.

This is Hi-X, the world-class modular intelligent hybrid system

that we are proud to release. We are really proud of what the team have accomplished. Everyone, who had the opportunity to drive the Hi-X in various configurations and applications truly enjoyed the experience of performance and comfort combined with excellent fuel efficiency

Key Benefits of Hi-X

  1. First of all, Hi-X is modular architecture. it is the most modular architecture that covers a broad vehicle bandwidth of A0 to C segments with intelligent FHEV, PHEV and REEV solutions
  • Intelligent control system. Hi-X has leading intelligent powertrain domain control system that can adjust itself based on drivers’ intention and habit. Truly achieving integration of the user and the vehicle.
  • Full domain FOTA. Hi-X is the only hybrid system that has full powertrain domain FOTA capability and thus can provide customer a “new vehicle” and customized intelligent driving experience every day.
  • Leading performance. It has the best hybrid performance and instant response to achieve an excellent driving experience at all speeds.
  • Comfort. The best NVH performance to provide perfect comfort.
  • Fuel economy. Last but not least. Crucially, it provides the best real world fuel economy.

Summary and Future Planning

Hi-X fulfills desires of every customer-fuel efficiency, performance, intelligent and comfort. In the next three years, Hi-X will provide various hybrid solutions including FHEV, PHEV and REEV carried by more than 20 vehicles across Geely, Lynk & Co and other brands.

Hybrid Technology Introduction: Details of Dedicated Hybrid Engine Technologies

After 5 years of the detailed development with our more than 500 global team members, we carved an engine that can fulfill all the requirements form the electrification era and beyond all your imaginations — Leishen Power DHE15! It is the world’s first turbocharged, direct injected, dedicated hybrid engine in mass production. It adopts four cutting edge technologies: boosted inter-cooler, high pressure direct injection, deep miller cycle with low pressure EGR, and it will redefine the hybrid engine definitely.

Advantages of Dedicated Hybrid Engine Technologies

As we go deeper in the electrification level, the space left for the engine is much reduced, however the requirements for the power and efficiency of the engine is getting higher. Given this tough challenge, how to solve the technical problem to fulfill customers’ needs?

The first step, master the Air.

We developed a new combustion system concept – “Aeolus”, master the air in an efficient way that no one has done before, with Aeolus, we break the highest thermal efficiency record. DHE15 created the highest thermal efficiency of 43.32%, certified by CATARC (China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co. Ltd), it is the new world record for the mass-production engine! The high thermal efficiency working point covers the 50% of the working conditions. Under the background of the Emission peak and Carbon neutralization policy, it is truly reduced the energy consumption and carbon emission. 

The second step is performance.

The maximum torque of this engine can be up to 225Nm and the peak power reaches 110kW. With only 1.5-liter displacement, it can generate 2.5-liter’s performance, it is undoubtedly the best in the class, covers the requirement for both high thermal efficiency and high performance.

The third step, ultimate simplicity.

The perfect engine still need ultimate simplified. Less is more, is our philosophy.

By the deep electrification with simplified intake system, exhaust system, suspension system and the cylinder head, we kept the DHE15 axial dimension be only 77% of the same performance level engine. It brings great flexibility to the vehicle integration in the era of electrification, and improved the system stiffness at the same time.

Additionally, ultra-high EGR rate smooths the combustion, together with the rubber damper gear, dual mass fly wheel with CPA (Centrifugal Pendulum Absorber) etc. multiple flexible drive technologies, blend of strength and smooth, injected the excellent NVH gene to this engine. One-meter sound pressure NVH key indicator over all speed range, is the best in the industry, it can bring customer the ultimate driving experience.

More Efficiency, More Powerful, More Compact, Perfect Comfort, this is the benchmark of the new era—Geely Leishendongli DHE15 dedicated hybrid engine.

Hybrid Technology Introduction: Details of Dedicated Hybrid Transmission Technologies ( DHT Pro)

Analyzing big data, we found that the three most important demands of our customers are: fuel economy, drivability and comfort. To meet these demands, our R&D team invented this brand new three-speed transmission with all its features in a very compact space. We redefine the gold standard in the industry. As the world’s first mass-produced 3-speed hybrid transmission, DHT Pro perfectly combines performance, efficiency, and smoothness.

Feature 1: Fuel Economy

Let’s talk about the customers first demand: fuel economy. Just as mentioned before that the DHE15 has reached the world’s highest thermal efficiency of 43.32%. So how do we convert high thermal efficiency of the engine into excellent fuel economy? This requires the entire system to achieve the best efficiency: (1) keep the engine working in the high-efficiency range; (2) minimize all losses in the transmission

How to achieve these two points is a world-class problem faced by transmission engineers. DHT Pro solves this problem perfectly through the three-speed setup and the dedicated design of generator and drive motor.

DHT Pro can use the direct drive mode through the three gear ratios. The power is transferred directly to the wheels, without intermediate energy conversion, just like taking delivery directly from the farm to your home, without involving a middleman, the result is zero energy conversion loss.

In addition to maximizing the overall efficiency in the conceptual design of the system, our pursuit for ultimate efficiency is reflected in every detail: For example, a variable electrical oil pump is used for DHT Pro, and the system works like a neural network, actively providing lubrication and cooling on demand, which reduces the energy consumption by 21%.

We successfully developed China’s first 60bar high-pressure hydraulic system; saving about 60% energy compared to low-pressure systems, reaching the leading position in the world.The use of high-efficiency double row angular contact ball bearings (DACBB), lead to 50% reduction of friction loss, and reduces the energy consumption by 42%. This attention to detail accumulates into the high efficiency of DHT Pro.

Feature 2: Drivability

let’s move over to the second demand, drivability. DHT Pro delivers smooth driving and instant response.

What do we mean by smooth driving? The P1 generator starts or stops the engine without noise or vibrations and provides smooth power shifts. It is difficult to know if the engine is working or not. What is instant response? The three-speed ratio and the powerful P2 traction motor ensure that the power you need is always on call.

We all know that every inch matters in the engine bay. Our R&D team often have to fight a lot for a few millimeters of space. In the engine bay 5 millimeters of axial length seems like the Pacific Ocean! So, the room for the transmission is very limited. DHT Pro is a 6-in-1 highly integrated transmission, with an axial length of only 354mm, which is 26-56mm smaller than competitor products. Currently DHT Pro has the shortest axial length among all dedicated hybrid transmission in the world.

To create this light weight and compact design with tremendous performance at the same time is truly a world-class challenge. We must use sophisticated development methods, intelligent manufacturing, and many other state-of-art technologies to achieve the targets.

  • As you can see, the axial length of the entire transmission is practically equivalent to the length of the two motors inside the housing. Within the motor, you can see the double planetary gear sets and the shifting actuation system are integrated inside the generator. Our design is like a Russian Matryoshka-doll to optimize the axial space usage.
  • The first domestically developed high-pressure electronic double oil pump, the volume is 20% smaller than a double split pump with same power;
  • The 3.5mm ultra-thin transmission housing is 12.5% thinner than similar products;
  • The dual inverters and the transmission control unit (TCU) are integrated into our Propulsion Control Module (PCM) with double sided Pin-fin water-cooled power modules, it has significantly increased power density, integrated design, with micron-level manufacturing and assembly processes, resulting in this compact control unit with very high performance;
  • P2 traction motor is using flat-wire S-winding, and the two ends of winding do not need further welding after shaping. Look, in a very small space, the motor can deliver out a maximum output torque of 320NM, fully satisfying the customers’ power demand. At the same time, the oil spray cooling technology creates better cooling performance and more stable thermal management.

We are proud to tell everyone that DHT Pro is only 120 kg, but it can achieve an astonishing maximum output torque of 4920Nm! With 41Nm/kg, DHT Pro is for now the most compact, the most powerful and the highest torque to weight ratio dedicated hybrid transmission in the world.

Feature 3: Comfort

Our customers also demand comfort, we need smooth shifting, low noise, and vibration free operation. The NVH performance of DHT Pro is also outstanding. Our R&D team has worked to mitigate the root causes of noise:

On one hand, gears. We introduced OPD optimal phase difference design technology for our gears. This technology can reduce gear noise by 60-70%. Advanced gear manufacturing processes including low-noise grinding and power honing are applied. Through the optimization of the tooth surface geometry, the NVH performance is further improved.

On the other hand, in order to achieve the best NVH performance, a task force of experts from four countries has been working on P1 motor NVH improvements. After more than 300 days of refinement, the sound quality of the motor in normal driving is much better than the competition. The noise level is 30% lower.

Hybrid Technology Introduction: Details of Hybrid System

Let’s see how the Hi-X achieves a world-class driving experience.

Start the vehicle and run into the city road. The speed is about 0~40 km/h, under which speed, Hi-X uses EV mode, avoiding the inefficient operation of the engine.

Continuously running at low speeds, Hi-X enters series mode. You can see from the screen that by adjusting the engine load, the engine generates more electricity in more efficient areas, creating “pure electric” driving experience. The system is 30% more efficient than conventional cars with EV and series operation.

There was a red light in front of us, we applied the brakes, and Hi-X’s kinetic energy recovery system started working, with 100% energy recovery through the motor.

Hi-X’s “black technology” of ultimate power and efficiency – the full-speed parallel.

Imagining that ahead we drive into a city express road with a speed limit of 80km/h. With Hi-X’s 3-gear DHT Pro, we could switch to parallel direct drive mode at speeds above 20km/h, which is well below the parallel speed of 70km/h of a Japanese hybrid. Matched with the wide and efficient range of the DHE engine, it is significantly reducing energy conversion losses and increasing system efficiency by 20%.

let’s take a look at the power improvement. When start the vehicle, the 3-gear DHT Pro could achieve ejection start with clutch skipping, matched with first gear high speed ratio. The starting acceleration could increase by 50%.

80-120km acceleration is a common driving scene on highway, however, the high-speed acceleration performance that only sound is heard with no acceleration shown is definitely not the world-class experience that user wants.

In high-speed overtaking, Hi-X instantly completed 3rd gear down 2nd gear, released 60% of the reserve power. Combined with excellent transient response characteristics and high-power motor of DHE engine, it burst out up to 2680Nm of torque to achieve acceleration from 80 to 120 km/h, more than 30% faster than the peer competition.

In the journey just now, with perfect coordination of DHE, DHT and power battery, Leishen hybrid keeps in the extremely efficient energy range, whether in acceleration, congestion or highway, reaching perfect balance between power and efficiency

The OTA-upgradeable power domain intelligence that Hi-X brings, realizes functions like self-learning of driving style, switching on adaptive driving mode, intelligent energy management, etc., so that users can do whatever they want in every journey.

For example, power domain intelligence can identify the user’s driving habits and road conditions, such as light or heavy pedal/brake frequency, and intelligently select among 3 driving styles of motion/economy/comfort and 20 system operating modes. It can also select the best energy recovery strategy for the users based on the road conditions ahead. It will always keep the vehicle in the optimum mode to achieve power and economy.

The comfort during the ride.

In developing Hi-X, we have optimized 148 designs for structural and acoustic pathways in obsessive extent to meet and even exceed customer requirements for in-car NVH, as such the NVH integrated in DHE, DHT and power reaching industry-leading levels.

Compared to our peers, the sound pressure level in the vehicle is max. to 58 decibels at 30km/h full throttle acceleration, while the best results of the Japanese vehicle are around 70 decibels. Perhaps that is not figurative of these two figures. In short, it is like the difference between our quiet office and the noisy shopping center.


This is the Geely Leishen Hybrid Hi-X, which has completely surpassed the Japanese hybrid and refreshed the six ceiling-level technology of hybrid industry:

The world’s highest engine thermal efficiency of 43.32%;

The world’s top grade 3DHT;

All-round high-efficiency power performance, 40% fuel-saving rate and extreme fuel consumption as low as 3.6L/100km;

The smartest power domain intelligence in industry;

Ultra-extensibility, which can be adapted to FHEV/PHEV/REEV and other full hybrid systems;

Best NVH performance in industry.

The Future Target of Lesishen Power’s Development

As a brand-new technology brand, we will continue to challenge higher technological goals. In the future, Geely Leishen Power will follow the “New Powertrain HEID Strategy” featuring high-efficient powertrain, electrified propulsion, intelligent control, and diversified energy sources, and pursue a purer mobility ecosystem.

First is high-efficient powertrain. Thermal efficiency is the key to determining engine fuel consumption. Every increase of one percentage point requires more breakthroughs in new technologies. Geely is also challenging the new high of thermal efficiency for the next generation of energy-saving powertrain. Two months ago, there was another breakthrough in our lab. The indicated thermal efficiency of the engine has reached 52.5%, which is the first in China and among the top in the world!The next target is 57% and try our best to maximize the efficiency of the engines. The highest efficiency of our transmission has reached 97.5%, which is also the world’s leading level. In the future, we will continue to challenge the physical limit of 98%!

In terms of electrified propulsion, we will launch the next generation of hybrid products in 2025 to further improve the electrification rate and system efficiency, increase the fuel saving rate to over 50%, continue to maintain global leadership, and create the ultimate cost-effective system for clients. The electric drive system will focus on high-end luxury brands and high-performance applications.

With regard to intelligent control , we adopt centralized control in the powertrain domain, which enables us to realize FOTA upgrade of the hybrid system through the interconnection of machines, vehicles, and cloud. This is the first practice in the industry to provide such feature. At the same time, the AI algorithm keeps the powertrain module always in its optimum efficiency, just like being endowed with the “God’s perspective”, giving each vehicle the super power to perceive the road conditions ahead, which ensures ultimate driving experience and energy-saving effects. In the future, our powertrain domain will also be open to ecosystem partners through APIs to support the comprehensive digital transformation of the powertrain system.

When it comes to diversified energy sources , we focus on low-carbon energy research, and solved the world-class technical problems in the application of methanol in ICE (internal combustion engines), which makes us the first company in the world to realize the industrialization of methanol vehicles. A methanol hybrid model equipped with Leishendongli Hi-X will also be launched to market next year. At the same time, our hydrogen engine has also been successfully ignited, with a target thermal efficiency of 45%, which can achieve zero carbon emissions. We are in the “Dual Carbon Era” and shoulder the heavy responsibility of reducing carbon emissions. Geely Leishen Power will follow its “New Powertrain HEID Strategy” and be committed to sustainable development to help accelerate the realization of “carbon neutrality”.

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