Geely Debut Live Show in Auto Shanghai 2021


The 19th Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition (Auto Shanghai) will be held at the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 19 to 28, 2021. 2021 Auto Shanghai will focus on the theme of “Embracing Change”,showcasing the innovative development of the world’s automotive industry, demonstrating the integration of automobiles with information and communications, the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, and embracing the new changes in the industry under the digital economy,attracting 1000 exhibitors.
Taking this opportunity, Geely launched the technology Geely 4.0 product SUV disruptor-Xingyue L. It also showed innovative technologies such as holographic cockpit and a flying car, definingthe new form of future car cockpit with technology and actively laying out the future integrated intelligent three-dimensional travel ecology of heaven and earth.

With other international auto shows canceled due to the epidemic, the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show is the world’s first international auto show. Geely insisted on”user-centered” and broke through the epidemic to open the first global live show. For global users to synchronize technology Geely development. Users from the Philippines, Costa Rica, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and other countries overcame the time difference and participated in the “SUV Disruptor Action Launch” together online. During the live broadcast, users from different countries were enthusiastic and interacted with each other, full of expectations for the new Geely Technology 4.0 models and technologies. The total number of overseas views during the live broadcast reached more than 210,000.
Geely International even broke through the epidemic hindrance and started in-depth communication with users. Song Jun, General Manager of Geely International Sales Company, met with 38 media clouds from Russia, the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia to talk about the current situation of the company and the market trend. Song Jun said, “Geely always adheres to the concept of “user-centered”, listens to the market, adapts tolocal conditions, creates products and travel experiences beyond expectationsfor global users, and is a brand with strength, warmth, and trust of users”.
In the past 30 years of car making, Geely has always innovated and subverted traditions, constantly changing and improving brand image and user perception. Under the guidance of high-quality development and “customer-oriented” values, Geely insists on high investment in R&D and continuous technological transformation. It applies the world’s leading BMA, CMA, SPA, and SEA basic module architectures to cover the comprehensive product layout needs from pure electric, hybrid to fuel, and from compact to mid-size models, and provides full support for intelligent connectivity, safety, new energy, future autonomous driving and other fields ina forward-looking manner, and forms the four major areas of “vehicle OTA, 5G network connection, intelligent digital cockpit, autonomous driving technology application”. The company has a comprehensive leading edge in the four areas of “OTA, 5G network connection, intelligent digital cabin, and automatic driving technology application”, and has newly defined the highest standard of intelligent manufacturing of Chinese automobiles.

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