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Feature Highlights

Segment-only all-new Lavender color option
High Safety Cage Body
High safety cage body that uses 15.2% hot rolled steel and 55% more high-strengh steel than industry standard
Super Convenient ADAS
ICC, LKA, BSD… all the convenient L2 driver assistance functions at your disposal



The all-new Emgrand adorns a meticulously crafted silhouette leaving a lasting impression. The skyline rhythmic taillight is the longest amongst its kind with 190 LEDs, more than any other vehicle in its class. The Emgrand also offers the golden ratio of 0.618 among its waistline, taillight, and center console. The “2 wide and 2 low” optimization with the Hellaflush style adjusts the size of the car body without sacrificing internal space.


The all-new Emgrand’s pristine interior design is second to none in its class. Carved out of quality leather-fabric materials combined with sophisticated design attributes, The Emgrand inner layout personifies elegance, aesthetics, and comfort. A five-seater vehicle comes with the best suede seats, a comfortable chassis, and the quietest cabin at 37db providing the lowest noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) in its class.


The all-new Emgrand is equipped with the latest technological equipment to enhance the driving experience. Rear view camera interaction system is reminiscent of the future technology with a 12.3” HD digital dashboard displaying 27 information items. The intelligent scenario air conditioning interaction system automatically switches between internal and external cycles depending on different scenarios.


The all-new Emgrand is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and designed in a way that ensures full safety. This lavish sedan offers 6-airbag security protection, an intelligent tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), a back row intelligent monitoring system, and an ultrasonic reversing radar ensuring safety and comfort. Keeping in line with health standards, the Emgrand uses water-soluble adhesives for fabric and plastic instead of solvent adhesive. Similarly, the leather in the cabin is waterborne treated to ensure the health of the passengers. The automotive-grade CN95 filter swiftly removes outside pollution and odor to keep the air clean and fresh.


The all-new Emgrand is backed by a golden combination of 1.5L engine and 8CVT transmission offering the max power of 76 KW and high rotational torque of 142Nm. Its simulated 8-speed CVT transmission offers the gear efficiency of up to 92%. This torque converter structure improves transmission ratio by 20%, and transmission efficiency by 2%. This enhanced combination of powertrain and chassis increases the acceleration capability by 14% enabling the all-new Emgrand to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 11.96 seconds offering you a thrilling ride. The advanced CVT transmission reduces fuel consumption by 7% to make the driving experience smooth and comfortable.